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  Description Quantity Location
Glass Recycling .5- 70 tons a month Greenville, SC
Post Industrial Plastics Recycling and Reprocessing Any South Eastern Region
Roll Off Service 10, 15, 20 and 30 yards Aiken SC
Roll Off Service 10, 15, 20 and 30 yards Aiken SC
Industrial Recycling and Environmental Waste Any Charlotte, NC
Petroleum Cont. water/soil and products for recycling unlimited Sumter, SC
Collection & Transportation/Landfill Diversion Services & Programs variable, we will work with you USA
website services lots wherever
database services lots wherever
Industrial Metal Recycling and Environmental Waste Unlimited South Carolina and beyond
Industrial demolition projects Unlimited South Carolina and beyond
Transportation of waste Tons Georgia
Project Funder BG | SBLC 5b United Kingdom
Polypro Recycling Any Orlando, FL
USA/Canada Full Logistics Service N/A Orlando, FL
Biomass Feedstock Consultant Adequate to cpmplete the assignment well and timely. Palm Harbor, Florida
LDPE Granules Scrap 600 UK
HDPE Granules Scrap 600 UK
Plastic and Steel Drums/Barrels 1000+ Tampa Bay

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